Le Tour de France

Ladies start your engines, the Buns on Bikes tour is about to start. What is not to love? 21 days of watching tight, perspiring bottoms in lycra, beautiful French villages, sexy accents and panoramic scenery (the route changes every year). Viewing the Tour de France on TV is a veritable smorgasbord for confirmed couch potatoes. Especially in Australia, where, because of the time difference, it is aired on late night TV in winter. So work up a sweat on the sofa dressed in yellow jersey, with a glass of French something or other and a bite of croque Monsieur. Vive la France!

2 Comments on “Le Tour de France”

  1. tigtog says:

    What an absolutely stupendous recommendation! I’ve got a deli up the road that stocks a beaut Roquefort, too…

    • Milou says:

      I thought I would watch this year based on the fact a friend has been harping on about it for years now, her ‘holiday’ on the couch. Now living in London, she is going to Paris for the final she is so keen. Then disaster, the house I am minding gets the worst reception on SBS, like watching through a snow storm.

      I shall have to wait for next year to enjoy the glorious sights of the French countryside.

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