Brush with fame

Whenever I travel with my mum we run into someone famous. And usually my mother has no clue who they are. We were in a music shop in London and I looked over and my mum was talking about jazz albums with Elvis Costello. She didn’t know who he was. After he left she said, “What a nice man, we talked about Ella Fitzgerald.”

Declan Patrick Macmanus was born on this day 57 years ago. Tim Burton and Gene Simmons were also born today.

2 Comments on “Brush with fame”

  1. Steve says:

    Saw him last year in Brisvegas, pretty disappointing. He completely destroyed Watching The Detectives, it was as though he felt obliged to play it but was sick and tired of doing so, so he played really weird chords and heaps of feedback. While it is good to see artists rework old stuff, this was a long way from that.

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