I am woman, hear me roar

Today is International Women’s Day. Today we celebrate women like brave, bold Malala, the 15 year old Pakistani schoolgirl who took on the Taliban to ensure that all girls in her country have the right to an education. She is the youngest nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize in history and the same age as my eldest daughter. One day my daughters won’t need a day reserved for them because women will have equal rights all over the world.

One Comment on “I am woman, hear me roar”

  1. Milou de Castellane says:

    I look to a time when we can celebrate Humans’ Day, when we shall be equal and all will be calm. We enter this world the same way, we leave the same way then why should we, as women, be treated in a different way? Fewer opportunities, greater oppression. After all we are the one’s who have the greatest privilege of all, giving birth to the next generation.

    Yay for humans but for now, let’s celebrate the joy of being a woman.

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