Parental Guidance

According to W.C. Fields one should never work with children or animals. In September I’m performing a comedy show with my youngest daughter who is 8 years old. If the rehearsal process doesn’t kill me you can come and see our show on September 14 2013 at Tap Gallery theatre (upstairs) in Darlinghurst. Yes it’s the day of the Federal Election, so go to the polling booth then come to our show to laugh off the fact that you’ve been subjected to an election campaign that lasted longer than most modern relationships. We’ll be celebrating with silliness and sanity saving parenting tips. In 2011, I performed with my youngest at Woodford Folk Festival when she was only six, and she stole the show. At one point she jumped on my back from the drum riser, put me in a headlock and took over. I must be a sucker for punishment, because when she suggested we do more shows together I said yes. Now I have to write, rehearse, promote, publicise, stage and perform the show with someone whom I love but who is a little bit bonkers. Did I mention she’s not on Ritalin? Anyone got a dog, a budgie and a feral cat we can borrow for our show?