Isn’t she lovely?

In late 2001 I was pregnant with my second daughter and I went to have an ultrasound. I’ll never forget the words of the sonographer who looked at the images of my tiny girl on the screen and said, “What a beautiful baby.” Yes, she is, inside and out. Happy 12th birthday, my gorgeous horse daughter Moo. I love you.

4 Comments on “Isn’t she lovely?”

  1. Catherine says:

    Happy Birthday to you both! Xcat

  2. Brian Frederico Oscaldous Werewolvus Westlake (III) says:

    Please say happy birthday to Amalia.
    There is another “pee mar” (Year of the Horse) baby on the way, as you probably know. Bo says pee mar luk (year of the horse babies) are sought after my many in Thailand and Southeast Asia, who regard it as a good year to have a child.
    I’m a pig, as some have intimated along the way.. and Bo is a year of the tiger. Not sure of the ramifications of all this, but it may become clear over about a dozen ales.
    Love to all.

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