Isn’t she lovely?

In late 2001 I was pregnant with my second daughter and I went to have an ultrasound. I’ll never forget the words of the sonographer who looked at the images of my tiny girl on the screen and said, “What a beautiful baby.” Yes, she is, inside and out. Happy 12th birthday, my gorgeous horse daughter Moo. I love you.

A horse is a horse of course

2014 is the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse, starting today. In Chinese astrology I’m a fire horse, which means this year I’ll be galloping into even more chaotic adventures than usual.
Horses are headstrong and haughty, the rebel and the dandy of Chinese astrology. Valiant horses love speed, adventure and freedom.

Now that the Chinese New Year has started, this horse has a few serious resolutions:
I will find room to roam
I will avoid fire starters
I will search out wide, open spaces
I will avoid Water Rats at all costs
I will fight for my rights
I will try to horse around

Xin Nian Kuai Le