I miss my dad every day so today I’ll go out of my way to avoid anyone celebrating with their fathers. My dad was cheeky, funny, lived life large, worked too hard and loved us fiercely. He didn’t have a father so he had a crash course in learning how to be a dad when my eldest brother was born. My dad had a great range of dad jokes, particularly about my fashion choices.
“You wearing that for a bet?” he’d say.

Thank you for your humour, your courage, your encouragement to read great books, your excesses, your fun and the twinkle in your eye. Love you my gorgeous Dad. I hope you’re not resting in peace, I hope you’re blazing a trail across the sky leaving all the stars in your wake.

Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads.

4 Comments on “Papa”

  1. Jim Pollard says:

    Nice Lou.
    In fact, since becoming a dad myself, I’ve got to realise just how much he did love us. He was a man of great fun and love, who worked himself to an early death.
    Wish I had appreciated this years earlier – to the extent I know now.
    Here’s to Jack Ernest. I can even see the sense of fun carried now in Maya, who is not yet one (three days time).

    • loupollard says:

      He worked so hard, I think it was his way of showing his love. Men of his generation weren’t taught to be openly affectionate but The could certainly wear his heart on his sleeve, especially after two fingers of scotch

  2. ladivacucina says:

    Awwww how sweet, Louie. I’m glad I got to meet him. xo

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