Potty mouth

I went to an expensive all girls private school where they obsessed over what we wore and how we spoke every day. So I swear way too much. When people meet my kids, especially my youngest, most think,

“What an adorable child.” It is usually at this point she bursts into song:

“Stick your head down the loo, don’t taste it, don’t waste it, it might be a poo.”

Parenting thought for the day

I wear pyjamas to work every day, My dad used to say “Are you wearing that for a bet?” because I used to go the pub with my friends dressed as a nun. On Saturday nights my girlfriends would be looking glamorous to get the guy and I’d be wearing a black smock and a crucifix. Now I’m a clown I get paid to look like a fruit loop at work, so the idea of going out in public dressed in a tutu has lost its appeal. And my nine year old and her ten year old best friend tell me that while kids can dress crazy, mums are only allowed to go a little nuts in their attire. There are standards that must be upheld. Don’t want to embarrass the kidlets do we? Especially before they’re teenagers. Hopefully I’m not the only mother who is trying to be a style icon my way.