School holiday crafty activities

My youngest had an advanced case of school holiday boredom. The big sisters were playing with friends. It was raining so we spent the afternoon at the kitchen table with art paper and jars of watercolours. I painted what I thought was a fancy fish. Then my youngest handed me her best painting. I looked at the figure she’d painted.

“That’s a nice hat.”

“It’s a soldier mumma, with a big furry hat.”

“The soldier has a love heart on his hat.”

“Her hat. It’s a girl soldier mumma, girls don’t shoot people, they show people where to go. Boys shoot people.”

“I like your soldier,” I said.

“She’s a meat eater mumma.” I looked perplexed and she nodded.

“A meat eater? Don’t you mean a beefeater? I think you’ll find those soldier are called BEEF EATERS.”

“No, she’s a meat eater.”

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