Unravelling whilst travelling

Earlier this year I went to the Middle East to stilt walk at a fair in front of the Bahraini royal family. As one does in one’s day job. So I had to work while I was there but for me it was a single mother escape with endless joy from the minute I sat down on the plane. I love planes. Someone gives you food regularly, you watch endless TV and films, read pointless magazine articles, someone refills your drink and cleans up your spills and you don’t have to make anyone dinner. What is not to love? When we arrived in Bahrain we had drivers to help with our bags and take us to and from work. I can handle hotels, I really can. Having staff clean the bathroom and make my bed every day was divine. This single mother was loving it. One day after work I had a massage, then sat in the jacuzzi for two hours. Because I could. Someone else was washing my sheets. Free from housework and childcare, I could shop, eat too much food, look at tourist sites and sleep in. When I returned to my darling friends who had looked after my children while I was away, I realised that even though I loved my Middle East adventure, from the camels to the swarthy men, it didn’t really matter where I went, because every servant mother needs to misbehave at least once a year.

4 Comments on “Unravelling whilst travelling”

  1. Milou de Castellane says:

    I think this is referred to as ‘Lou time’ and very important not only for you but your children. There has to be time for a parent to regain a sense of who they are as individuals and while being a parent is the greatest and most rewarding ‘job’ in the world (heavens, assisting in fashioning the next generation!), you must look after yourself too. Children need to see that you are a person too and not a ‘slave’ to their every whim.

    May the unravelling continue. xx

  2. Milou de Castellane says:

    I just wish I enjoyed flying though. An every week thing that fills me with complete anxiety. Secrets please!

  3. loupollard says:

    Distractions, movies, food, headphones in, looking at maps. I keep my mind so busy it doesn’t have a chance to think of plane crashes

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