Happy Birthday Anna Mae

Tina Turner was born today in 1939. She is one of my heroes. When I was a teenager I read Tina Turner’s memoir I, Tina and I was inspired by her strength and resilience. Now I have recovered from my own abusive relationship with the help of a domestic violence counsellor, I realise how strong Tina Turner must have been to withstand regular abuse, be a mother and go on stage acting like nothing had happened for years. She is a role model for women everywhere.

I have learned from reading about Tina’s beatings at the hands of Ike that I must sing my own song, which is part Sinead O’Connor, part Miss Piggy and part Karen Carpenter on crack. Happy Birthday Tina, I love your voice and your spirit

One Comment on “Happy Birthday Anna Mae”

  1. Milou de Castellane says:

    And you too are an inspiration. Violence of a domestic nature whether physical or psychological is such a difficult issue as the one perpertrating is the loved one. If only once loved there is still love to overcome.

    Stay strong Lou, and yay for counselling. X

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