The funniest, funnest girl I ever met

Eight years ago today I gave birth to a nutty little monkey. My youngest daughter is going to be a stunt woman, a truck and a punk when she grows up. She shouts and makes me laugh and I couldn’t imagine a peaceful life without her. Happy birthday Miss Zen


5 Comments on “The funniest, funnest girl I ever met”

  1. Milou de Castellane says:

    What a beautiful post. What a lucky daughter. What a lovely mummy.

  2. loupollard says:

    Why thank you! She is a mad one, must get it from me

  3. Uncle Jim says:

    Happy birthday to Sienna. Happy to see her entering the middle age of childhood.. she’s probably nearly ready to set up an advice bureau a la Snoopy.. (I type this to the sound of chirping baby birds from a nest some sparrows built .. they’re inside a ball of twigs and bits on a hanging basket on our balcony).

  4. Milou de Castellane says:

    Well then, she is lucky indeed. I keep imagining those school presentations where you talk about what your parents do. What a perfect image of mirth and joy. xx

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