One of my friends said,
“You have a morbid fascination with death. You have so many stories of death and people close to you dying.” Actually he said, “You are the angel of death,” but I don’t fear death and I don’t think it’s morbid. I work in hospitals with kids who may die and observing parents coping with their worst fear strengthens my gratitude for my three healthy kids. Life and death walk hand in hand, two sides of the same coin, my fascination with death is a part of living well. And I know I will be old and ready for it when my time comes. I’ve got too much to do in this life to die young.

I love cemeteries, I could walk in them for hours looking at the headstones and wondering how people lived. I’m lucky I live right near one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Sydney. I love old graves. Walking around reading the inscriptions I’m reminded as a mother that only a hundred years ago mothers lived with the ever present thought that they should have lots of children as many little kids under five didn’t survive.

My dad’s been dead for 11 years and I’m certain he’s around me all the time.

beautiful cemetery

beautiful cemetery

4 Comments on “undead”

  1. Uncle Jim says:

    Nice Buz.

  2. loupollard says:

    Thanks Big Jim, we’ll have to have a walk there next time you’re here

  3. Lisa says:

    I don’t think your “fascination” with death is morbid. It’s your reality, as you are around it all the time, especially seeing kids you have become close to, suffer, and often die. I think you are wonderful. I love walking around old cemeteries too.

    • loupollard says:

      Thank you Lisa. Yes, fascination may be a weird choice of word, I guess I’m fascinated by the way that certain societies deal with death. We have a hard time dealing with how to cope with death or show that we are in mourning, our grief seems to have to be hidden after a certain time in this modern era I think. In Victorian England, a woman wore black for two years. Some children only ever saw their mothers wearing black because there were so many deaths. We’ve hidden death away and try to pretend it’s not there, but as you well know it is. I think we should talk about our loved ones passing, but I’ve found that makes some people uncomfortable. I love what people write on gravestones, even as a child I loved cemeteries.

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