Dreams can come true

Single motherhood and tiredness go hand-in-hand but this week has been a doozy. The full moon brought bizarre dreams, insomnia and crazy ideas spinning in my head. This week I turned into zombie mother with visions of weirdness every night.

In one dream I opened a tiny white cardboard box in my undie drawer and found a singing bug, some kind of mite whose 10,000 cousins decided to sing opera with him. I’m sure it was a him. I tried to close the box but every time I shut it, the mite and his mates forced the box open so they could keep singing. Who knew Christmas drinks could cause those kind of dreams? I don’t even have an undie drawer. Egg nog anyone? Bottoms up

2 Comments on “Dreams can come true”

  1. chillcat says:

    Is that KD Lang? Gosh where did all my CDs go? I had a dream I wore my dress inside-out at the reading I did on Saturday! Had to triple check my clothes before I started. Bottoms up and hope you have a great Christmas. Mulled wine over here and wet pavements!

    • loupollard says:

      Yes, I lurve k.d. lang. My CDs are looking sad in the cupboard. I’d better make sure I’ve got my swimming costume bottoms on for Santa’s arrival. It’s getting hot here, beginning to smell like Aussie Christmas. Merry Happy Festive season to you. Hope you can sit by an open fire and roast some chestnuts

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