Today Tonight was axed and it’s all my fault

A few weeks ago I filmed a story for the TV show Today Tonight. During the shoot the cameraman remarked that my face seemed familiar to him. I told him that I’d had parts in Australian TV shows and commercials in the late 1990s and early 2000s so he may have filmed me for different production companies. Then I mentioned that a number of the TV shows had been axed in the weeks after my filming took place. Water Rats was axed two weeks after we shot my episode. Young Lions was axed weeks after I landed a part in it. Murder Call was taken off air about a week after my episodes went to air. Good Morning Australia was also discontinued after I filmed an infomercial for them. Swissh chocolate bars stopped being manufactured after I shot their commercial. All Saints lasted longer, that show finished years after I’d made a brief appearance. A Channel 9 make up artist even remarked while she was doing my make up that I was the kiss of death for Australian TV dramas during that time, after she did my make up she always seemed to lose her job. So now Today Tonight has been axed in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Oops! Fingers crossed Guide To The Good Life and Saturday Disney are rating well, when I appear as a Clown Doctor on a TV show they seem to stay on air. Maybe I’ll try out for Big Brother, with any luck my TV performing jinx will get it removed from the airwaves.