My favourite daughter is…..

When I was pregnant with The One Who Changed Everything I read a memoir by Isabel Allende called Paula, written about her daughter. Until I read the book I’d been in massive ‘motherhood won’t change me’ denial about my gal’s impending birth, but I knew afterwards that I was about to embark on a life changing journey. After an exhausting start, a little girl called V opened me up to the beauty and joy and suffering in the world, she showed me the way.

Happy 17th birthday Vee-Yon-Say, so glad I am your mama. Thank you for your wisdom, your light and your humour. I know I am the Eddy to your Saffy, I love you smarty pants

2 Comments on “My favourite daughter is…..”

  1. chillcat says:

    Ha! Motherhood won’t change me!! Who would I have been without it??

    Many Happy Returns to Fav Dorta (my daughter calls herself this) and thanks for the Prince shot (he’s a hero of mine)

    • loupollard says:

      Famous. Last. Words. Think my Fav Dorta may ‘borrow’ this. Don’t we love Prince? My girlfriend who lives in Miami got up on stage with him at a NYE gig a couple of years ago & I was v. jealous

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