Parenting Failures

Call me judgemental (go on, I love it), but I am trying to raise my children to be able to function in society when they are adults. To be reasonably polite and kind and treat other people well, be they garbos or barristers, I believe you have failed as a parent if your kids:

Are enrolled in a ‘talent’ school. Go for it kids, learn singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, line dancing (maybe) whatever, but please don’t let children near anyone who claims to be able to teach your kids how to become famous

Cannot say please and thank you

Can’t look another human being in the eye when having an intelligent conversation

Listen to Justin Bieber beyond the age of 9

Use ‘verse’ as a verb

Believe that going to a shopping mall is a ‘can’t live without’ life experience

Feel the need to upload their entire life on Tumblr

Are still living at home beyond the age of 25

Think that ‘director of beauty’ is a job description

Know how to operate a firearm under the age of 10

Dear readers feel free to add to this list

6 Comments on “Parenting Failures”

  1. ladivacucina says:

    You are one of the people who do parenting right. Good for you. And it may seem old fashioned but good manners go a looooong way.

  2. Add: Are so used to winning at everything that fear of failure prevents them from doing new things.

  3. CaptainFez says:

    I think the Bieber one is a permeable membrane. Some people are ehoot with crud and won’t grow until they do it spontaneously. As a big music and lit snob, I think an open mind a better tool than anything else: just because I think something is SHITBALLS doesn’t invalidate another’s enjoyment of said SHITBALLS. And you know, they might realise Biebs is a massively racist douche along the way, which could incur some valuable plusses in the critical thinking dept.

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