Daddy’s girl

Dear father who art in heaven

Happy 93rd birthday. Today I wish your body had stayed around longer. You were a devoted da and a workaholic. I love you Jack Pollard. You taught me:

*To do what I love for a living – Dad wrote/edited over 100 books

*Travel opens your mind

*A sense of humour will help you in the darkest days of your life

*A good swim in the ocean can clear your mind

*Hard work is good for the soul

*A tough childhood doesn’t define the rest of your life

*Even if you haven’t had your own dad, you can achieve a lot

*Dancing a slow tango in the kitchen is magical

*Kids raised by single mums are tough

*A full fridge means you are doing really well

*Stray dogs are worth rescuing

*Some days we must get up and go to work even when we think we can’t

*Singing love songs is great for families

*Lovingly made freshly squeezed orange juice is better than an expensive restaurant breakfast

*Taking your kids back to your old childhood haunts opens their eyes

*Listening to the stories people tell you will help you learn about the world

*Love is a verb

*Singing to your kids at bedtime may soothe them or freak them out

*Saying yes to new adventures is scary but

worth it

*Everyone looks good in a snappy suit

*Never let the truth get in the way of a good story

17 long years without you have gone by in a flash. I would sacrifice a few of my fingers and toes to see one of your cheeky smiles, hear your laugh and have a hug.

My dad was the Prince of Kings Cross

That Old Black Magic

My Dad used to scare me to sleep with this song when I was a kid. Happy birthday Jack Pollard, I miss you every day.

May 25 – Vale Jack Pollard – A tribute to my dad

My dad died nine years ago today. He lived life large. He was funny, rude, opinionated and drove me crazy. He sat me down when I was 11 and made me read Hemingway, Steinbeck and all the authors he loved. I ran with the bulls in Pamplona aged 19 because of him. Jack Pollard was a journalist, author and workaholic. He simply loved to write. He wrote or edited around 110 books, and that doesn’t include the thousands of articles he wrote over his long career. Thank you Jack Pollard for being my Dad. He taught me that if you can spend your life being paid to do what you love then your life can be lived well. This quote reminds me of him:

To change one’s life:  Start immediately.  Do it flamboyantly.  No exceptions.  ~William James