You better sober up for just a second

I read this in Julie Burchill’s column (Times Online before the pay wall!).

“Therapy just makes you think pointlessly and start to analyse, and before you know it, you need therapy to help you get over therapy, like a really bad holiday. Working voluntarily with people in a less fortunate position is uplifting and fulfilling, and you come home with a sense of achievement rather than a hole in your bank account and/or feeling sorry for yourself. Therapy culture has brainwashed us into thinking we need help, when if we got off our arses and helped others, we would be helping ourselves, too.”

I know some great therapists who’ve helped a lot of people but she’s right about getting off our arses. There comes a point where you have to build a bridge and get over yourself and doing volunteer work is a shortcut to feeling grateful for life’s blessings. Here endeth the lesson.

J’aimerais qu’on oublie leur couleur pour qu’ils esperent

One Comment on “You better sober up for just a second”

  1. V says:

    Here, here!!

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