I wrote this list of predictions for 2020 on the 31st of December, 2019:

The Pollard definitive guide to enjoying 2020:

Pat puppies and kiss kittens

Don’t vote for morons

Eat, drink and be merry

Don’t buy ‘beauty’ products

Stay off the internet

Help a refugee family

Read books


Stop buying plastic crap

Thank firies, ambos and nurses

Check your emotional baggage

Get fresh on the dance floor

Support the Uluru Statement

Be kind, even to dickheads

Don’t use the words onboarding, textural or disruptor

Buy the Big Issue

Sing every day

Bring home the facon (don’t harm piggies)

Love your friends

Swim in the ocean

These words are still accurate, but I’m adding:

Thank teachers, wear a mask, donate to your local food pantry, talk to a wise creature (preferably a furry one) stay home (if it’s safe), become a pirate and beware of deep, dark internet rabbit holes. Tell your people you love them. And please don’t use the words unprecedented, pivot or disrupt ever again.

2 Comments on “Visions”

  1. Brian Westlake says:

    Well done. I think I need to print this and stick it on the back of the front door. And maybe highlight Don’t buy plastic crap. House is full of it. Having spent the last four Wednesdays at Ramathibodi Hospital in Bangkok, I heartily agree with lovely treatment and acknowledgement of nurses. In fact they, and doctors, are probably the stars of 2020, given all the shit they’ve had to endure around the world. They are often doing God’s work.

  2. Alex Norman says:

    I love your blogs. They always make me smile. I love the flavour and juxta of depth and reverence alongside the playful and frivolous. Hope all is well in your world lovely. Xxxx

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