My Big Baby

My biggest baby turns 15 today. Now we are the same age. Well, the same mental age. Those of you who know me well will say she is more mature than me. And the shrink I go to said that there’s a touch of  Edina and Saffy about our relationship. My big baby changed my life, I love her more than words. I would run in front of a speeding train for her. I can’t live without her. I used to sing her this song when she was little (minus the making love reference of course).

Happy Birthday Luscious girl. Thank God you are my daughter. I won the mothering lottery when I had you.

Raising Amazonia

The Amazons are a nation of all-female warriors in Classical antiquity and Greek mythology. Even though I have no formal training, I am raising three amazons:

Miss Maturity 14 – my shrink said there’s a touch of the Saffy and Edina (Absolutely Fabulous) relationship about us.

Miss Marshmallow 9 – she is sweet, soft and squishy.

And Miss Mental 5 – she is zany and hilarious, she has my crazy personality trapped in her father’s body.