In the firkst week of the New Year

My true love gave to me:
A case of cheap wine that poisoned me
Repeat prescriptions for a nasty little virus
And a text message saying, ‘it’s not you, it’s me…’

May 2015 bless you with money, love and chocolate kisses

Single mother splurge fest

My resolution for 2015 is to focus on me, me, me in the spare five minutes I have before I return to my glamorous life of washing up, reheating microwave friendly food and idle gossip. On New Year’s Eve forget the frugal flan, pitch the Prozac with a cask wine chaser, bin the baked bean bolognaise for just one day. Go on single mothers, lash out and buy yourself a noice bottle of bubbly or some expensive choccies, you deserve it. Here’s to $20 out of our meagre budget well spent. The universe will provide

Happy New Year everyone, even the happy couples

May drunken conversations be forgot, and never brought up again
May life have sun and kids be fun
For the sake of our sanity