Top of the morning

I’ve written a limerick in honour of my Irish relatives on St Paddy’s Day. Throughout history single mothers have always been popular in Ireland.


There once was a mother who knew
That children ate more when they grew
So she stopped feeding dinner
Her children grew thinner
and she had more money for shoes

To be sure

Today is a celebration of all things Irish. I adore Irish accents, rainy weather, Irish writers, their melancholy, their songs, their fiery spirit and most of all their wit. Irish artists have given me joy and solace in dark times; I love Oscar Wilde, Sinead O’Connor, James Joyce, Bram Stoker, Yeats, Sheridan, George Bernard Shaw and The Pogues to name a few. I am descended from Irish Jews (my great grandmother) so I like to think I got a double helping of humour in my DNA.

Happy St Paddy’s Day

Happy Paddy’s Day parade

Top of the morning to yer. This year I spent St Patrick’s Day dressed as a bright green and gold leprechaun with a mad bunch of Irish drunks quaffing Guinness at Randwick Racecourse. Oh what fun we had even though I was completely sober. My great grandmother Frances O’Shea was from Limerick so I figure it’s in the blood. Of course it was an Englishman, Edward Lear who made limericks popular in the modern world. To be sure. This is my favourite Irish band.