When your dreams are dying hold tight

In winter I spent a week at Varuna, the Writers’ House in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. My fellow comedy authors Nicky Smith, Cameron White, Evin Donohoe and the very cheeky monkey Tim Ferguson and I had a great time workshopping ideas for scripts, stand up comedy, YA novels and a sitcom, laughing, eating great dinners and drinking red wine (just a little bit on our cereal in the mornings). At Varuna I realised how my writing is almost as important to me as my children. My dream is to get my books published. I’m getting closer by the minute. I left Varuna inspired to continue my life of comedy, writing and clowning.

Whenever I think I’m not going to make it through the day or that life is just too hard, this song comes on the car radio

3 Comments on “When your dreams are dying hold tight”

  1. MIlou de Castellane says:

    Hi, I get the importance of writing, the liberation, the joy as well as the terror of the ‘blank page’, the blank thought, the winding, endless path of stale ideas. When I was a little girl I was desperate to be a writer without any knowledge of what that meant. Now I am older, the fear has taken over and my voice, once so clear, original and strong, is strangled, and I am immobile in thought and deed.

    Keep on the struggle, it is good for your soul and your heart. Your work is one of your children too – born of great pain yet ultimately joyful.

    As for me, I have found a beautiful desk and it overlooks a jacaranda tree with a breeze always present. Once my current turmoil is over I hope to be able, once more, to write. x

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