Straya Day

Today is our day Oz Traya, there is so much to celebrate; it’s our Invasion Day, Ripper Bewdy Day, Celebrate our Unity Day, Chuck a Few Tinnies Down and Get on The Back of a Kangaroo Day, Call For Reconciliation Day, Our Home Is Girt By Sea Day, When Do We Get a Treaty Day, Colonial Day, Get Smashed Day, White Australia has a Black History Day, Another Public Holiday Day, White Slavery Day, Be Grateful For Where We Live Day, Our Island Home Day, Celebrate MultiCulturalism Day, Massacre of the Oldest Living Culture Day

Good on ya ripper bewdy mate

When my children ask me questions about 26 January 1788 I try to be an intelligent, thoughtful single mother. I like to remind them that it’s called Australia Day, not ‘today I have a license to be a redneck racist day.’ And Aboriginal people remember it very differently to us white people. For some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, it is Survival Day, a celebration of the survival of people and culture. Australians hold many different views on what 26 January means to them. So I like to explain to my gals in an all encompassing, feminist-leaning, intersectional, embracing all cultures and values kind of way what Australia Day means, but sometimes I get choked up with the sentiment of the day and I’m lost for words. So I’ll put it like this:
Happy Straya Day youse are all tops, onya, get a yabbie up ya, chuck a coldie down ya neck cobber.

On the 12th day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true friend gave to me
Twelve tall tales
Eleven nasty rumours
Ten bottles of wine
Nine pickled possums
Eight golden beers
Seven pieces of advice
Six out of reach dreams
Five onion rings
Four nudie runs
Three glaring reminders
Two thwarted ambitions
And an old friend laughing like a drain