On the 12th day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true friend gave to me
Twelve tall tales
Eleven nasty rumours
Ten bottles of wine
Nine pickled possums
Eight golden beers
Seven pieces of advice
Six out of reach dreams
Five onion rings
Four nudie runs
Three glaring reminders
Two thwarted ambitions
And an old friend laughing like a drain

Happy Christmas

This is my favourite Christmas song ever. I have Irish blood, so I love the Pogues.

“I built my dreams around you…”

Spring has sprung something stupid

Today is the first day of spring down under. My garden is yawning and waking up. The gardenias will be in bloom soon, filling my house with their divine aroma. Spring is the time to breed like rabbits, spring clean and turn over a new leaf. The days will get longer and warmer and mating season begins. But we must hurry, there are only 115 shoplifting days until Christmas.