The Divorced Lady’s Companion to Living in Italy

I just read a funny book and I think you should buy it. It’s Eat, Pray, Love without the whinging for smart women who’ve had a life or children or both, and are looking for an escape route. This is the fabulous first paragraph:

An old friend of mine named Jean fell through a tear in her marriage and landed on her feet. Jean met a solicitor from Milan on a singles trekking tour in Peru and packed her bags one autumn. She sold the house with its clutch of hydrangeas. Her adolescent children learnt Italian with ease. It was reported that at forty-four, Jean gave the Milanese man a chubby male love-child.

The author takes her heroine Marilyn on a journey through Italy after Marilyn discovers her husband is leaving her for a younger work colleague. Marilyn cuts loose, having fun away from her husband and children and re-discovering what Marilyn wants.

Definitely a witty book to read in bed!

Lungo Vive Uomini Italiani!

Catherine McNamara is originally from Sydney. You can read more about the author here: