Elegant laziness

Now my children are back at reform school I can relax and think about myself again. Today I filled my head with intellectual information from Women’s Monthly magazine (I think that’s what it is called). I want wrinkle-free botoxed skin like the smooth faced actresses who pretend not to have had plastic surgery. I am addicted to the lifestyle promoted by trash rag magazines; I want a life of elegant laziness, relying solely on my good looks. Unfortunately as I am almost 30 years old I think I may have left my run a bit late.

One Comment on “Elegant laziness”

  1. Uncle Jim says:

    I know someone who does elegant laziness extremely well.. sometimes reckon she has a PhD in couch management.. although it’s more a lack of ambition in a Western sense.. given the way I rush around in my life, it’s fascinating, and quite calming, to live with someone who is a rural girl with speed dial that seems to be stuck in first gear.. who can be very happy just running on the moment – something deeply Buddhist in her thinking, and a little hard to get my head around .. seems to intuitively know where I’m at, and sort of balances out situations.. keen to have a kid, I think (although not sure what’ll happen on that score).. it’s a little curious, as she hasn’t had a huge amount of formal education, but she’s got strong beliefs, and a good sense of fair play, decent values. Almost impossible to get her to do things she doesn’t think she’ll enjoy; doesn’t appear to be too interested in trying new things. Think she’d be very happy just having a place of her/our own, raising kids, with some animals and growing stuff (father was a rice farmer). They were very poor when she was young; had to get by on rice and pla-ra (fish paste – terrible shit – although Isaan people like it) some times, she said. Ning (first lady) had the same level of poverty.. parents who struggled to feed the kids. Think it’s only since the turn of the century that they’ve spread the wealth around a bit more up here. Lot of poverty in the Thai Northeast; it may be why she seems happy in a two bedroom flat with a pool downstairs.

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