Cooking fails

My new solo comedy show Kids In The Kitchen opens tonight at The Factory Theatre, Marrickville for the 2017 Sydney Comedy Festival


Lou_Pollard SCF 2017 Kids In The Kitchen poster flyer.jpg

I see dead people

I’ve been sent email reminders about my friends’ work anniversaries, notifications that they’ve been tagged in posts and for one dear friend that she is having a birthday. Actually no she’s not, she left us to join the angels last year. On Facebook, LinkedIn and in my email list dead friends pop up to remind me they’re not here any more. I can’t bear to delete them from my phone and social media won’t let me discard them either.

I see their shining faces in photos and I smile.

One darling friend has been dead for a year and now she has a new connection on LinkedIn

She lives on in my heart and the world wide web forever

Thank you for your smile

Goodbye our sunny, lovely friend. Some people are sent into our lives to remind us to smile, give our love freely and take pleasure in the simple things. Thank you for the joy and the sunshine you brought us, we will miss your beautiful face

See ya mate

Today the Aussie comedy fraternity is saying goodbye to a top bloke, an Aussie comedy legend. Thanks for the laughs mate, you brightened my life at a time when I needed a friend.

Count your blessings

If your kids are healthy, hug them and hold them tight. You have won the lottery as a parent.

I love Lucy

One of my favourite female clowns, Lucille Ball, was born today. She had the most marvellous face and superb timing. Lucy was pregnant on television at a time when this was frowned upon by male executives. She was also the first woman in television to be head of a production company: Desilu, the company that she and Desi Arnaz formed. Thank you Lucy for blazing a trail for women in comedy and sharing your gift.

She who laughs lasts

Having a giggle is good for us. Babies laugh up to 300 times per day, adults about 20. Laughter affects our immune system, lowers cortisol levels in our body and helps us connect with other people who have a twinkle in their eye.