Vote 1 Lou Pollard

I’m the first official candidate for the Arts Party in the federal seat of North Sydney for the by-election to be held on Saturday December 5th.

The Arts Party

No, I haven’t gone mad, I think that the only way to change the world is to do my best to make Australia a more creative, educated and cultured country, especially in an area that has been ruled by conservative male politicians for a very long time. There are 13 candidates standing, from the Bullet Train party to Clive Palmer’s PUP candidate and Fred Nile’s Christian Democrats. I’m hoping that the electorate is ready for someone different to the pale, balding males in blue suits. I’ve been learning a lot since I decided to run, and last weekend as I campaigned for the first time in North Sydney, I found that the locals are sick of party politics and pettiness getting in the way of good decision making.

There are a lot of small independent parties and candidates running and the incumbent party have a lot of money to spend on focus groups, calling their constituents and marketing. I’m hoping one of the parties will start a juicy smear campaign and the fun will really begin.

Why pay money to have your family tree traced; go into politics and your opponents will do it for you – Author Unknown

Here’s a list of all the candidates, I’m number one on the ballot (really the luck of the draw)

North Sydney electorate candidates

If you live in North Sydney please vote for me so I can make some real changes. And when it comes to my opponents, in the words of one of my favourite comedians:

Don’t vote, it only encourages them – Billy Connolly

Robbin’ Banks

Once upon a time there were God botherers and L. Ron Hubbard believers. Now there are so many self-help gurus in our world that I don’t know who to believe any more. I recently read a paid post on Facebook that I feel compelled to share. The two comments below the post made it extra special:

Robin Banks (really)
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Bec Davy Having faith in God and hope through his strength and grace and awesomeness allows u to achieve all your goals and live a life of abundance…. Service and happiness and peace
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Stacey Donnelly Dick head
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A horse is a horse of course, unless you bet on that horse and lose lots of cash, then the horse is a nag headed for the pet food factory. Today I am dressed like a fool at a lunch celebrating the Festival of Trashy Drunks wearing not so fascinators AKA the Race That Stops A Nation. If you’re not Australian you probably call it the Melbourne Cup. It’s a long day and dealing with people who are smashed and have spray on tans sponsored by Vegemite (thank you Kraft) and know nothing about racing is exciting so I’ll just get up on my high horse…..