Happy New Year I Think

Week one of my New Year’s Resolutions. So far I’m winning.

Christmas hamper bickies and choccies have enabled my kids to have delicious healthy breakfasts throughout the school holidays with all the major food groups: fat, salt, sugar and preservatives

Christmas wrapping paper carpeting the floor hides all the stains

I embarrassed my children a lot more in 2015 than I did in any other year, I’m hoping to top that in 2016, especially with my fashion choices

My children will learn the meaning of housework

None of them have been to hospital yet

Pieces of craft line the house

Can’t wait until my maid arrives after I’ve won the lottery

For the second year running I will give up washing my teenagers’ clothes, the smell is worth it

4 Comments on “Happy New Year I Think”

  1. ladivacucina says:

    Ha! Love it! Get their little bums doing their own laundry and housework, they’re old enough. Then teach them to make mommy her favorite cocktail after a long day. Isn’t the only reason to have kids is to have built-in slaves?!

  2. Amusing as always Lou! Love the mention of the healthy food groups. Thanks for following my blog, that’s at least two so far!

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