October 19 birthdays

Jeannie C Riley was born today; I’ve loved her singing this song since I was single and childless. Now I’m glad my kids’ school is a little less Peyton Place.

Computer Says No

Hello dear thousands of (well 8 or 9) people who regularly read my blog, I have a VIA (very important announcement): the hard drive on my computer is cactus (technical term, Google it for clarification), which means my blogging, editing and writing life is curtailed for now. So my blog will be a little like a Twitter feed until my beloved laptop ‘puter returns from the fabulous, fast, hard working, hot (I’m stretching the truth a little, but trying to butter him up so he’ll hurry) computer geek. In a brilliant example of my comedy timing I of course picked the day the new iPhone 4S was released as the ideal day to go to the Apple Store. Pure Genius. So unless I steal, I mean borrow another computer it may be a few weeks until I can post a lengthy piece. Thank you for your patient devotion.

National Pregnancy & Infant Loss remembrance Day

Today my heart goes out to every woman who has suffered the loss of a baby. It is hard to let go of the feeling that somehow your body has failed you. That a life you created has gone and you will never get him back.

Canberra Book launch for the Sound of Silence

If you are in Canberra this Saturday please come to the book launch for The Sound of Silence, a book filled with sad, beautiful and uplifting heartfelt stories.


The Sound of Silence

Journeys Through Miscarriage

The Sound of Silence Book

Miscarriage is not spoken about, parents often suffer in silence. Until I suffered two miscarriages I had no idea how many women I knew had endured the sadness of losing a baby as well. I wrote a story for this book which is available to buy now. If you have suffered or love someone who has suffered pregnancy loss this book may provide comfort.

Buy online at http://www.mostlyformothers.com/miscarriage.html or at your favourite bookstore.

Miscarriage stories

The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence book launch in Melbourne

If you are in Melbourne, please come to the launch this Sunday


Journeys Through Miscarriage

Sound of Silence book